Visiting Artist Stephen Vitiello
February 12, 2007, 7:47 am
Filed under: Write Ups

Stephen Vitiello is a sound artist who experiments with the everyday sounds that surround us. He explores how sound, visuals, and space work together. Unfortunately, I could not go see him talk, so I read his on-line interview. However, it was almost imposible to imagine the full experience based soley on the reading. I listened to some samples of his work on his website to try and get a better idea of what his works are like in person, but I feel that I am missing a crucial part of the experience because they were rather boring and dull. Well, they were interesting enough at first, but it got old quickly. When he describes his pieces, it sounds like they could/should be very interesting. I feel like the space is a probably a very important aspect, so listening to his work outside of the intended space is not as powerful. Moreover, I think that his work is more about the process than the final outcome. For example, I was intrigued by the fact that he could actually take light frequencies and turn them into sound. However, when I listened to the track, I was not as interested. The pieces that I liked the most were the paintings made from the vibrations of speakers. While these paintings are also predominantly about the process, I was more interested in these visual outcomes.



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