Sloth and the Seacow
February 12, 2007, 7:43 am
Filed under: Assignments


My first attempt at Flash.

My computer wouldn’t publish it at the higher quality, but this works well too.


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I thought this was hilarious. I love how dirty you made the background seem- loved it.

Comment by Hailey Lowe

This is such a great animation! I really think that the choppy-ness works well and i also enjoy the grain quality of the whole clip. The movement is well done and it’s funny!

Comment by Sarah G

the animation in this quilt is very well done, and the suddle color distortion is very effective!

Comment by Brittany

Hi Miranda,
very well done, it’s clear and simple yet sophisticatedly executed. The strongest element is the rotating can having been tossed by the manatee towards the left while the manatee is off to the right for the next can. Very efficient use of the loop!!!

Comment by Sylvia

there’s something about the grainy-gritty-jitteryness going on here. i love it and i can’t deny the desire to continue watching it over and over. and over.

Comment by fearstearsandchandeliers

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