My Very First Music Video
May 8, 2007, 2:50 pm
Filed under: Assignments

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Hi Miranda,
this is really outstanding work. Wonderful detailed collage, great content, tied in perfectly with the song….

Comment by Sylvia Jung

Very impressive. All the details you put into each frame really transform the viewer into the space. One of my favorites!

Comment by britthanley

this is amazing. everything just works, especially the images and colors you chose.

Comment by aboutberto

wow. amazing. i would watch it again and again… you have a lot of talent. the only (teeny tiny) thing that distracted me was the smile after she spray painted. everything was so grown up and meaninful… but wow, so amazing!

Comment by misseb

This was my favorite video for sure. So many things to say about it, great theme, great song, great narrative, it must have taken you so long, awesome job!!!

Comment by crzycourt

Yeah definitely a wonderful video. The messages are great that you leave around. It is aesthetically pleasing and meaningful

Comment by bahski8

I can’t believe you were able to produce a real music video in that time. That was unbelievable! seriously. I loved it!

Comment by haileart

Kewel in a kinda strange way. 😀

Comment by ennagirl

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